About LifeWell

Founded by life-freedom guru and social entrepreneur Richi Watson, LifeWell UK is devoted to making real life-transforming guidance available to all!
We  fulfill that mission with some of the most life-transforming and greatest value events of their kinds available, featuring some of the UK’s leading speakers, coaches, and best-selling authors on all things wellbeing, life-freedom and lifestyle.
LifeWell hosts Transformational Workshops, uniquely life-changing and community spirited weekend seminars – The Wellbeing Now Seminar and The Heart Soul & Science Seminar, and our total immersion 3 day and week long retreat experiences Life Beyond Your Fear and Adventures into Freedom.

If our intention interests or inspires you, do connect with the growing LifeWell Community on our friendly facebook group where we share videos, health & lifestyle tips, emotional freedom guidance, and wellbeing inspiration. You’ll be the first to hear of any exciting LifeWell news, and it’s a great place to connect with me and our tribe of LifeWell speakers.


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