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Richi uncovered empowering tools for self-healing during his childhood adversity with debilitating illness, and discovered a mental approach to life which allowed him to overcome his difficult circumstances. His academic journey studying Philosophy, Psychology and Buddhism was cut short by his poor physical health, but life provided a different kind of education and opportunity for enlightenment.

Richi had already climbed a ‘life mountain’ using integrative lifestyle approaches to heal his body of it’s chronic health conditions in his late twenties and overcoming severe anxiety, but his greatest challenge was yet to follow as his wife descended into very severe mental illness after giving birth to their daughter. Through the years of intense challenge Richi needed to delve deeper into his own self-mastery in order to help care for his wife, remain free of the abuse directed at him and raise his daughter to be as healthy as possible despite the turbulent environment she was born into.

Committing himself to learning the nature of his wife’s mental and emotional struggles Richi uncovered deeper insight into the nature of  how we all experience life, why it is we struggle and how we can set ourselves free. Falling into an entirely different experience of life himself with a whole new level of inner freedom, he was able to help his wife make an incredible recovery and find her own freedom and wellbeing.

Today Richi is devoted to helping others transform their lives and to discover the freedom that he has experienced rising from within the most unlikely circumstances. To reach out further than he could with his guidance work alone he founded LifeWell UK to help facilitate that intention. He is a mentor to wellness professionals and leaders around the world, a powerful public speaker and a leader in the UK’s holistic entrepreneur community.

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