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The LifeWell calendar of uniquely effective life-changing events, is there for you so you can join us throughout the year to really ignite your transformational journey and create real meaningful change in your life. You can be inspired in new ways every month and supported as you create the life you want to live, and for a far far lower investment than any alternative we know of or can imagine. See all details of our upcoming events below, and feel free to get in touch. In service, Richi x




‘Transformative Health’ – Superfoods workshop with Juliette Bryant

Southend On Sea, Sunday May 14th




In this fun and educational day you will discover how to make delicious smoothies, simple and tasty raw food meals such as ‘sushi’, raw pad thai, raw soups, superfood salads, AND supercharged hot chocolate and raw cakes!

You’ll also learn Juliette’s core principles for wellbeing and ultimate health!

All the food will be plant-based and vegan friendly, gluten and refined sugar free.

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‘The Calm Cure’ – Heal and Thrive with Sandy Newbigging

Southend On Sea, Sunday June 18th




A Spend a life-changing day with internationally renowned speaker, best-selling author, and creator of the ‘Calm Techniques’ Sandy C. Newbigging! Based on Sandy’s latest Best-selling sensation – ‘Calm Cure: The unexpected way to improve your health, your life and your world’.
Sandy’s life-changing guidance will reveal how you can use the power of the mind-body-soul connection to encourage self-healing and sustained health and happiness.  Click to book your space!




‘Be Seen, Heard and Succeed’ – With Janey Lee Grace

Southend On Sea, Sunday July 9th




Janey is co-host of the UK’s most popular Radio show ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, and she is also a leading speaker and writer in the UK’s Holistic Living community, having authored the best-selling books ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and the go to guide for heart-centered business success ‘You Are The Brand’.

This special day with Janey will empower you to lead your life into whatever positive and creative direction you choose!  Click to book your space!




The Wellbeing Now Seminar 2017!

Southend On Sea, April 22nd & 23rd




A world-class wellness and life-freedom event coming to Southend On Sea, Essex! This unmissable two day seminar inspires, empowers and educates in the most fun and powerful ways! Featuring internationally renowned speakers and 1# best-selling authors, this event is a genuine life-changing experience!  Click to book your space!



‘Adventures into Freedom’ Retreat

‘The ultimate 7 day transformational retreat experience’ – October 14th – 21st, 2017
Sierra Espuna national park, Southern Spain



Imaging feeling the freedom and joy you experience when you’re on holiday, every day of your life! What if your life could be like that? What if you could have that life sooner than you can imagine?

This will be the last holiday you ever need to take from your life!

Join two uniquely effective transformational workers as they skillfully facilitate shifts in perspective and patterns which will inspire you into the freedom you want to feel now and empower you to create the life you want to live!


Using their years of experience facilitating meaningful transformation with people and groups of all sizes, Richi Watson and David Saville have designed a fully immersive transformational experience which will be perfectly balanced to create an inspired and rejuvenating life-changing 7 days with unforgettable excursions amid the most stunning natural setting.

Richi and David often facilitate the most extraordinary break throughs within just a one day workshop, just imagine what a 7 day retreat experience with two of the most effective transformation workers in the country can do for you! You can live the life you desire and deserve! You can experience deep inner freedom! You can revolutionise your relationships, your health, and your career, and turn up to all of life’s unexpected challenges authentic, empowered and free! Click image for full details!


This 7 day experience will change the trajectory of your life forever!


‘Life Beyond Your Fear’ Retreat

An immersive Thusday to Sunday experience to liberate you from the fears which hold you back from living life! – May 18th – 21st, 2017

Sierra Espuna national Park, Southern Spain


Based on David and Richi’s powerful ‘Life Beyond Your Fear’ workshops, this 3+ day experience includes elements of our 7 day ‘Adventures into Freedom’ program but taking you on a different journey designed specifically for you to go beyond fears, anxieties and stresses, to have the embodied confidence and clarity you need to step back into life with a new sense of aliveness and empowerment! Click image for full details!

Are you ready to step into an entirely new experience of life?



Retreats are limited to just 10 spaces



Our mission is to create the most transformative, authentic and community spirited events of their kinds in the country!

Along with our seminars this means you can have access throughout the year to some of the best transformational guidance available, at an investment which makes it accessible. When it comes to our wellbeing, the best guidance and support shouldn’t just be for elites alone, it should available for all of us.

When you invest in yourself with us, we always look to keep giving and to be of the greatest service we can be. If you have any questions or would like to reserve spaces for any of our events with a deposit Call Donna on 07772886762


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