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‘Life Beyond Your Fear’ Retreat
with Richi Watson & David Saville

An immersive experience to liberate you from the fears that hold you back from truly living!
Sierra Espuna, Southern Spain – May 10th – 13th

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Richi Watson and David Saville each transformed their own chronic anxiety to become world-class transformation coaches and sought after public speakers who have shared the stage with some of the leading names in the world of wellness. They bring a unique and powerful combination of personal experience and world-class expertise which they have combined to develop a pioneering retreat journey which will transform your experience of fear, anxiety and stress forever!

You will have a fun, energising, inspiring and empowering retreat with unforgettable excursions amid the most stunning natural setting.Click here or the image for full details!

Are you ready to step into a new experience of life?

‘A Deep Awake Life’ Retreat
with Richi Watson & Tim Freke

A four day exploration into inner freedom and awakening to the richness of life!
Aumale, France – July 5th – 8th


A coming together of Tim Freke’s Deep Awake experiences and Richi’s Feeling into Freedom teaching, this four day experience will guide you on a journey to awaken your senses, create emotional freedom, and connect you with a deeper experience of being alive!

Join two pioneering teachers for a life-changing journey into the depths and wonder of life and the human experience. You will connect deeply with who you are and discover the freedom to connect with others far more deeply than you ever have, allowing you to co-create the authentic and loving relationships in your life which you desire and deserve! Click here or the image for full details!

This Thursday to Sunday experience will transform your relationship with life!

‘Adventures into Freedom’ Retreat
with Richi Watson & David Saville

‘The ultimate 8 day transformational retreat experience’
Sierra Espuna, Southern Spain – October 7th – 14th


Join two of the most effective transformational facilitators working today as they skilfully facilitate shifts in your perspectives and patterns, leading you through experiences that will inspire you into the sense of freedom you yearn to feel, and empower you to create the life you truly want to live!

You can experience deep inner freedom in your every day! You can revolutionise your relationships, your health, and your career, and turn up to all of life’s unexpected challenges authentic, empowered and free!

No matter how unlikely it may feel for you right now, all of this and more is far closer than you realise. Click here or the image for full details!

This 8 day experience will change the trajectory of your life forever!


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